Autumn Children’s Photography: Claire, Matthew, and Noah

This evening I would like to present to you the cutest, most adorable children out there (not that I’m biased at all — I’m their aunt).  :)  But, I mean, look at them.  They are so stinkin’ cute!

Anyone that knows me knows how close I am to these three little people and how much they mean to me.  They have brought bright sunshine into my days many, many times with their smiles, thoughtfulness and love.  And they have great personalities (must run in the family, hehehe!).  Anyway, about once or twice a year, my sister plans a shoot for the kids and I have to say, I particularly loved all the details she thought of this time.  It’s a really fun autumnal theme during one of the best times of year for kids portraits.  Anyway, I’ll stop bragging for now and show you the pictures. :)


  • Catherine

    Haha, awwwwwww. Noah looks like a little mini man!!! It’s so adorable!!!

  • Katie

    Ohhhhh my goodness!!! So adorable! They’re beautiful picturesm along with all the new pictures you have posted recently!! See you on the 27th!

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