Arrrrghhh!!!! // Piratey Fun with Captain Eliminate and Calamity Jessie

So two of my favorite people on the planet are my niece and and nephew, who I have the pleasure of getting to hang out with regularly.  Anyway, today was an icky, kind of gross-ish day, so we decided we were going to pull photobooth props out and play dress up.  Pretty soon a gang of scallywags, with some modern cowboy influences, had emerged.  We are the Pirates of Beady Beach — definitely a force to be reckoned with.  Many thanks to Claire, my 4-year old protoge shutterbug, who took a few of these herself.


We'll start with a little Modern Cowboy funk...

...with a side of attitude...

...and maybe pull a nautical theme into it...

Photo credit to Claire, who shot this awesome picture.

...and then, the band of scallywags starts to emerge...

Three of the Band of Beady Beach. Captain Eliminate, Calamity Jessie, and G.I. Groucho.

the loot (as shot by Claire)...

Captain Eliminate shows us his evil hook...

Aaaarrrrrrgggg....(and yes, he was saying that).

Calamity Jessie and G.I. Groucho posed for their wanted posters.

...but you better be sure not to mess with Calamity Jessie!

...she's a mean one with a camera. :) The end.




  • hahaha annabelle! i love these! great work!

  • Sarah

    Rainy day fun! Your two favorite people are simply adorable! oh . . .and grumpy bear too, of course ;)

  • Aw! They are too cute!

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