Annapolis Wedding at Carroll’s Creek : Erin and Franco

Today’s post features an Annapolis wedding at gorgeous St. Mary’s Church, a relaxed reception at Carroll’s Creek restaurant overlooking the Bay and the docks, and a wonderful couple to whom family and friends are the most important.

When I met with Franco and Erin to talk about wedding photography, I was thrilled. Franco happens to be the twin brother of one of my former brides, Bianca, and I remembered him well from when he was her “man-of-honor”. It was wonderful to get the opportunity to work with Franco and his family again, which was almost like visiting old friends. Even though much of Franco and Erin’s relationship has been spent outside of Maryland (in Florida and in Ohio), they settled on the beautiful backdrop of Annapolis for their wedding. Among the many spots they chose to include in pictures was the bench where Franco’s parents shared their first kiss many years ago, which was a really sweet tribute to his parents. So here are a few of my favorites from their day…


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